[uf-discuss] Trying to learn microformats

Martin McEvoy martin at weborganics.co.uk
Mon Aug 16 15:12:07 PDT 2010

  On 16/08/2010 19:24, Tim's Trees wrote:
> Thank you all for your full and quick replies.

You are welcome ....

> You were right, the
> original was a complete mismatch of quotes and once I had fixed those
> it displayed in Chrome and Operator:Firefox. I apologise for not
> spotting that.


> I have noted the urls you have recommended and will investigate those
> first in future.
> I am wanting to create an event site and I had the idea, I should have
> my entries in hCalendar format, but I am now worrying, that it may be
> too easy to clone my site, with a right click. Do you have any
> opinions on this ?

Im a little unsure of what you mean if you mean by cloning perhaps you 
mean spoofing? ( copying a website possibly for fraud such as phishing 
or email-spoofing ) it doesn't really happen *too* much in the real 
world unless your site is a bank or it offers online payments in some 
way (e.g. PayPal),  In which case I wouldn't worry to much about that. 
Having said all that Social Networking sites (Facebook/MySpace) are 
becoming targets for these kind of attacks nowadays.

If you are worried about people copy and pasting from your website, 
unless its copyrighted material, again don't worry too much, Id take 
that as a compliment, the majority of people who *do* copy and paste 
tend to be just learning. If its for anything else the stuff they are 
copying will never do them any good as far as search engines are 
concerned because *you* published the data *first*. Some search engines 
(google) will actually remove pages that contain duplicate content from 
their listings,  or it will bury the duplicate content so deep in their 
listings that there is no way anyone will ever see it anyway.

The rule of thumb concerning microformats is, If you use microformats on 
your website you can expect your data to be shared, crawled and Indexed 
by practically anything that can consume microformats, If you don't want 
this to happen, say because your data is private or something sensitive, 
then don't use microformats. Dont let that last part put you off though, 
sharing your data, particularly  events and contact details, *is* a good 

Hope all that helps rest your mind a little.

Best wishes

Martin McEvoy

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