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Oli Studholme microformats.org at boblet.net
Tue Jul 13 19:14:37 PDT 2010

Hey Tantek,

>From IRC:

# [20:52] <boblet> hey Hixie, can you give me more details about the
microdata vcard vocab being based on vcard not “an out-of-date fork of
# [20:54] <Hixie> i just went down the vcard spec and mapped it
directly to microdata
# [20:54] <Hixie> i had originally made some minor changes to match
hcard in places, but i've since removed those
# [20:56] <boblet> Hixie: was that the fn magic? any other hcard ->
vcard reversions?
# [20:56] <Hixie> i think the only bit was the stuff with FN, yeah
# [20:57] <Hixie> everything else is just a straight mapping of the vcard spec
# [20:57] <Hixie> i did use the hcard names for the bits of vcard that
needed splitting into multiple fields, but just to make sure the
terminology was consistent, it's not "forked from hcard" or anything
# [20:58] <Hixie> the whole point of microdata is that people can use
whatever vocabularies they like; the vcard one is basically a proof of
concept to show that it is possible to design a vocabulary in very
little time and to show how to write a spec for one

“The following are the type's defined property names. They are based
on the vocabulary defined in the vCard specification and its
extensions, where more information on how to interpret the values can
be found. [RFC2426] [RFC4770]”

Suggested edit on
Avoid the "microdata vCard vocabulary" as in many ways it is an
out-of-date fork/snapshot of hCard, even though portions of it appear
to based directly on the vCard RFC. as well.
Avoid the "microdata vCard vocabulary" as it is based directly on the vCard RFC.

(Plus the same for vEvent)

Regarding rel-* microformats:

# rel-nofollow

“By adding rel="nofollow" to a hyperlink, a page indicates that the
destination of that hyperlink should not be afforded any additional
weight or ranking by user agents which perform link analysis upon web
pages (e.g. search engines). Typical use cases include links created
by 3rd party commenters on blogs, or links the author wishes to point
to, but avoid endorsing.”

“The nofollow keyword indicates that the link is not endorsed by the
original author or publisher of the page, or that the link to the
referenced document was included primarily because of a commercial
relationship between people affiliated with the two pages.”

# rel-license

“By adding rel="license" to a hyperlink, a page indicates that the
destination of that hyperlink is a license for the current page.”

“The license keyword indicates that the referenced document provides
the copyright license terms under which the main content of the
current document is provided.”

Out of curiosity what are the perceived incompatibilities in these two
examples that prevent them from being listed under
http://microformats.org/wiki/html5#Current_microformat_compatibility ?

peace - oli

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