[uf-discuss] Help with proper method for incorporating/extending hRecipe

Dave Corboy dave.corboy at ziplist.com
Thu Mar 11 13:37:16 PST 2010

I'm the development lead for a small company that has an interest in
the establishment and adoption of a recipe-based microformat. Our
research has led us to hRecipe and found it to be great, however we
have need for a number of additional properties (which may -- or may
not -- have broader applicability).

One option we have is simply to publish (for our web customers) our
recommendation for semantic HTML markup, but we would also like to
promote an interoperability with hRecipe.

While we are happy to bring our voice to the hRecipe microformat
process, we do not want to do anything harmful by improperly extending
hRecipe and thought to ask this community for advice on how to

Some options we have considered:
- Create a POSH format completely distinct from hRecipe (this would
not be compatible with hRecipe)
- Add our own extensions to hRecipe (this would not respect the formal
methodology of microformats)
- Augment hRecipe with our POSH format property extensions and
recommend <div class="hrecipe zl-recipe-x"> ... </div>

I am hoping that an approach similar to the latter is appropriate. I
apologize for my inexperience in working with the microformat
community and thank you all in advance for your feedback.

Dave Corboy
ZipList, Inc.

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