R: [uf-discuss] input microformats for auto-filling forms

Goix Laurent Walter laurentwalter.goix at telecomitalia.it
Tue Feb 22 01:28:21 PST 2011

Hello all,

The concept of referencing the user social sphere ("you","me","user" we name it, and its 'relationships') to access their attributes through a dotted notation is indeed valuable.

Would it be reasonable to use it in the value= instead of the name= as indeed it intends to provides a placeholder to the value itself? Maybe through a dedicated prefix to ensure correct parsing instead of pure text. The prefix should be generic enough to encompass a variety of such references through dotted notations.


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Hi Toby

The dot syntax looks interesting, it reminds me a little of the
Microsoft VCARD_NAME documented on

Could you point me to the documentation for grouping syntax in RFC 2425,
Google it with not much luck.


Toby A Inkster wrote:

>> For what it's worth, you might want to instead of using <input>
>> elements just with name="fn", use names matching the following

>>      /^([^\.]+\.)?fn$/

>> This would allow, say:

>>      you.fn
>>      you.email
>>      friend.fn
>>      friend.email

>> for cases where the contact details of multiple people are being
>> requested in the same form. Also useful when two sets of contact
>> details are being requested for the same person:

>>      delivery.adr
>>      billing.adr

>> The dot syntax is inspired by the grouping syntax in RFC 2425 and the
>> current vCard 4.0 drafts.

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