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> Could you point me to the documentation for grouping syntax in RFC
> 2425, Google it with not much luck.


See the ABNF production for 'contentline'. 

The grouping construct allows you to say that certain lines within a
vCard (or indeed any text/directory-based format) belong together. e.g.

FN:Prince Charles
CON.TITLE=Duke of Cornwall
CON.NOTE=The prince has been Duke of Cornwall since 6 February 1952.
WAL.TITLE=Prince of Wales
WAL.NOTE=The prince has been Prince of Wales since 26 July 1958.

vCard 3.0 (RFC 2426) uses text/directory syntax, thus this is allowed.
However, as none of the examples in RFC 2426 use it, it's not
especially well-supported in vCard 3.0 implementations. vCard 4.0
mentions the construct explicitly; some drafts have included examples
of it in use, but the latest does not; consumers that don't care about
grouping are just advised to strip /^([^\.\:]*\.)/ off the front of
each property.

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