[uf-new] Proposal: wishlist microformat

John john at proionta.gr
Sun Apr 1 17:33:04 PDT 2007

Scott Reynen wrote:
> On Apr 1, 2007, at 6:03 PM, John wrote:
>> Similar to the Amazon wishlist, a user would be able to list things 
>> that he wants using this microformat. Can be also thought of as an 
>> opposite to hlisting.
>> What do the microformats list members think?
> A user can already list things that he wants using HTML.  What would 
> you expect machine parsers to do with this information?  Or, to quote 
> the process [1]:
> "Why?
> There must be a problem to be solved. No problem, no microformat."

There is a problem.

Many auction websites have a "wanted" section, where people can post 
what they want. They usually go unnoticed because they're relatively few 
and it's very unlikely that someone will have one of the items listed 
there. It would be nice if a bot would check my wishlist periodically 
and search the web for matching hlistings (or matching sellers at a 
different auctions site) and notify me about it if I want to.

It could also have other uses, but I'm keeping those a secret for the 
time being, I think one reason should be enough, no?

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