[uf-new] Proposal: wishlist microformat

Alexander Graf alexander.graf at deri.org
Sun Apr 1 18:49:06 PDT 2007

> There is a problem.
> Many auction websites have a "wanted" section, where people can  
> post what they want. They usually go unnoticed because they're  
> relatively few and it's very unlikely that someone will have one of  
> the items listed there. It would be nice if a bot would check my  
> wishlist periodically and search the web for matching hlistings (or  
> matching sellers at a different auctions site) and notify me about  
> it if I want to.
> It could also have other uses, but I'm keeping those a secret for  
> the time being, I think one reason should be enough, no?

You will still have to tell your crawler the urls it should crawl, it  
can't crawl the whole web and find only *your* wishlists. So, if the  
crawler knows the URL to look at, it doesn't matter how the content  
is marked up, semantically. XOXO and/or hReview for items is enough.  
The crawler looks at all hReview entries on the page and stores them  
in a database. Then it can do whatever you want it to.


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