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Alexandre Van de Sande alexandrevandesande at gmail.com
Tue Apr 10 10:06:07 PDT 2007

Martin: It's a really nice tool you created there, bu tI believe it's
unrelated to what I am saying. Your tool, if I understood, grabs a
microformatted page with music tracks and transforms it in a podcast.
A very clever implementation that helps the music downloads

But I am talking about actual podcasts that have multiple songs in a
file, how do we fit them in the content of microformats?

Manu: there are quite a few podcasts that list their tracks. Some of
them (and I am listing very prominent old school podcasters) include:

http://www.coverville.com/ includes a table with links for buying in
amazon or iTunes. That's the kind of thing that micro formats could
make automatically

http://magnatune.com/podcasts/ the magnatune label sells un-drm tracks
and those podcasts are one of many ways they try to get their music
heard. they have track listings for every episode (below). One of the
reasons it's hard to listen to it it's because as it's an automated
thing, it's hard to know what are you listening to...

http://www.mutantpop.net/radioclash/ radio clash is a mashup podcast.
As many mashup podcasts his track listings sometimes are not only of
tracks he played, but tracks he mixed together. Includes links for
download, when they exist

http://www.dailysourcecode.com/ daily source code, one of the very
first podcasts, is now a part of podshow networks. As as all podshow
shows they offer individual track listings. He used to have a wiki
where the users would put accurate time information.

again podshows are not few, and they have a site, podsafe music
network, where any podcaster can sign-on and list the music they
played (as well as any musician can put music available). Thanks to
that cetralized engine the can come up with charts of "this week's
most played musics", "podcasts that feature similar content" and etc,
exactly the kind of thing that microformats could achieve in a
decentralized way

http://www.accidenthash.com/ accident hashs is another proeminent
podcast wich puts tracks played on his blog.

Again this is almost a standard. From the top 5 music podcasts of this
month in podcastalley.com 3 of them listed their tracks.

Maybe one reason this is not so obvious is that the big player, the
iTunes directory for music podcasts is populated mainly by music label
podcasts that feature Music news, but not a lot of music. Which,
obviously have no track listings.

So: the track listing is a rather common behavior, but because it's
unstructured the I have no way to know which songs I heard, which
artists i heard more often. Bad for the listener, bad for the
potential buyer in me, bad for the music stores, bad for the artists
and bad for the podcasters.

Podcasts track listings also features sometimes the ads, promos, who
called in, and what they where talking about, and which time that

-After we complete audio-info microformat we might need a "music
collection/mix tape/album/podcast" format. One more reason to draft it
-Music download is not so simple: most podcasts I hear feature
multiple tracks into one file. One more reason to use hAtom + another
microformat instead of modifying hAtom to fit a particular purpose.

On 4/10/07, Manu Sporny <msporny at digitalbazaar.com> wrote:
> Alexandre Van de Sande wrote:
> > One aspect that media-info for music should address is that of a long
> > file with multiple musics inside, like a music podcast or a mix tape.
> I agree that it would be desirable, but I couldn't find many examples of
> podcasts that listed their tracks on the web page. Please add as many
> links as you can find. Remember, we'll need quite a few for it to be
> statistically significant.
> > Many podcasts
> > post a track listing so that would be probably the best place to start
> > microformatting.
> We will need the concept of an "album", or a "collection of audio items"
> in audio-info. There are more than enough examples of albums listed on
> web pages to outline this requirement. Perhaps this solution should take
> your issue into consideration - as they are the same issue at the end of
> the day. If things work out, we should be able to support track listings
> in podcasts and audio albums using the same format or layout.
> We might be able to use collection-description:
> http://microformats.org/wiki/collection-description
> > I am going to post some examples on the wiki, but I am just wondering
> > if I missed this discussion somewhere?
> I don't think you missed that discussion, or at least, I'm unaware if it
> happened.
> -- manu
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