[uf-new] Suggestion for collections (audio, video, images)

Alexandre Van de Sande alexandrevandesande at gmail.com
Mon Apr 16 05:19:02 PDT 2007

On 4/15/07, Manu Sporny <msporny at digitalbazaar.com> wrote:
> Does this make sense? Do we want to apply the "collection" design
> pattern to other Microformats:
> * hGeo (for waypoints)
> * hCard (for an address book)
> * hReview (for a collection of reviews about a particular movie)
> * hAudio (for audio albums)
> * hVideo (for episodic content)
> * hImage (for photo albums)

Do not take it too further. I don't think that a microformat embedded
inside the other implicitly means a collection, but it means that this
"thing" is made from other "things". So:

-Recursive hAudio means one big audio collection of audios OR
-Recursive hAudio means one music that takes samples or covers other musics
-Recursive hMovies means a two-hour movie made from short films
-Recursive hImage means one big image made from smaller pieces (a map,
a collage or a scrapbook)

Some make less sense or no sense at all
-Recursive hReviews is one big review of other reviews ( criticism of
other critics) or one big review of a movie made of multiple reviews
-Recursive hGeo: hard to imagine: maybe I can describe the "british
commonwealth" by describing the many places it comprises, or I can
describe "disneyworld" by microformatting "Magic Kingdom", "Wild Wild
west" "pleasure island" etc. But then hGeo if I understand is more a
geocoordinates pointer than a mapa mundi
-hCard I cannot think of a hcard made from multiple hcards. Maybe Bob,
the salesman, telephone number is taken from his company hCard, or
maybe the hCard for the Bob's car selling shopping is in true made of
individual hcards for the whole company. Hard to swallow.

Your example of kill bill is a great illustration. A hMovie describing
kill bill is not a collection of songs, hcards and small movies (the
Oren Ishii animation for example, where it's told the chinese girl's
childhood, could be described as a separate movie), but one big movie
made from all those. The difference is not so clear when everything is
hAudio or hMovie, but can be seen on the aforementioned examples..

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