[uf-new] Currency Proposal (and Measurements)

Emil Thies emil.thies at googlemail.com
Thu Apr 26 04:34:20 PDT 2007

Dear Andy Mabbett (and others who are interested in the Currency Proposal
and/or Measurements),

with the yesterdays update-comments of the
you asked if anyone remember the currency proposal ... and yes I do ;-)
After my answer to your
comment<http://microformats.org/wiki/currency-issues#Comments>on my
currency-issue <http://microformats.org/wiki/currency-issues#Unit_and_Value>I
watched the recent changes regularly. As a newbie I am a little bit
doubtful to the process and so I do not have the heart to do something more.
So instead of editing something in the wiki, I like to discuss it with

As I wrote on the measurement
I suggest to treat the currency microformat as a kind of subpattern - since
it is a kind of measurement, too. But I have the problem with the
microformat claim, to have a real-world problem and real-world-practice,
before making it a microformat. Today I might found a solution: like the
date-time has the same
it is not a microformat, but a microformat-design-pattern.

So my revised suggestion would consist of two parts:
1. Creating a measurement-design-pattern-proposal (like an abstract class):
a measurement has the following properties (which is expandable by an
- required value: can mark up a machine-readable numerical value with a
spanelement or a string value with a abbr whose title attribute contains the
machine-readable numerical value (See abbr-design-pattern).
- required unit: reference to the unit (include-pattern) or "markup a value"
/ "use the abbr-design-pattern to provide the equivalent machine readable
value", which is allowed by the instance format.
- optional scale: reference to a scale (include-pattern). Must markup a Unified
Code for Units of Measure
name or c/s or c/i) or use the abbr-design-pattern to provide the equivalent
machine readable value to the Prefix (column c/i = case insensitive to avoid
errors) marked up human-readable value.

2. Adapting your Proposal:
Defining the currency-format as an instance of the
- renaming amount to value
- renaming currency to unit and making it required (otherwise you only have
a number).
- renaming unit to scale

- defining the range of unit to the ISO 4217 (as you suggested)
- adding the date following the datetime-design-pattern (as you suggested)

What do you think about this?

Kind Regards,
Emil Thies
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