[uf-new] Currency Proposal (and Measurements)

Emil Thies emil.thies at googlemail.com
Thu Apr 26 09:54:01 PDT 2007

>> As I wrote on the measurement brainstorming, I suggest to treat the
>> currency microformat as a kind of subpattern - since it is a kind
>> of measurement, too. But I have the problem with the microformat
>> claim, to have a real-world problem and real-world-practice, before
>> making it a microformat.
>What exactly is your problem with this claim?  This standard is
>intended for use in the real world, right?  If you're buying a table
>for a room, you look at the room first to make sure the table will
>fit, right?  Why would web standards be any different?
>Scott Reynen

Dear Scott,

that was not meant a big criticism - to stick to your example. I
neither have a room nor a table, but I know I want to build a house
with a room and i will place a table in it, so where to start
planning, room or table?

To come back to microformats, what If I have an Idea (like for
measurements) and I did not find a real world example, what can I do:
1. Start a microformat, so that others can reintegrate it in their pages
2. Spread an idea to webmaster and then collect their work as example
to create a microformat

Do you get my intension?

So what do you think about the approach to solve this by creating a
measurement-design-pattern and to use this for creating the currency

Kind Regards,
Emil Thies

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