[uf-new] Currency Proposal (and Measurements)

Manu Sporny msporny at digitalbazaar.com
Thu Apr 26 12:39:01 PDT 2007

Emil Thies wrote:
> Or do you think instead of an abstract design-patter, measurement
> should be a format where you can use all kind of dimensions and their
> units?

It looks like measurement should be a new Microformat. If it is
successful, it would probably replace the currency Microformat.

Before we start speculating, however, there should be a great number of
examples gathered on how people are publishing measurements online. It
should be pretty easy to classify these things. Measurements usually
only have a couple of attributes (unit, scale, value).

What everybody has been re-iterating is:

The first step of the Microformats process is to collect as many
examples as you can find.

The second step of the Microformats process is to analyze all those
examples and try to find some similar data that is published in all cases.

Then you go on to collecting formats, brainstorming and finally creating
a proposal. It is always done in this order because it is the most
logical way to proceed with a standard.

-- manu

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