[uf-new] Currency Proposal (and Measurements)

Emil Thies emil.thies at googlemail.com
Thu Apr 26 12:17:01 PDT 2007

Dear Scott,

thanks for your answer ...

>> To come back to microformats, what If I have an Idea (like for
>> measurements) and I did not find a real world example
>I don't understand why we couldn't find real world examples of
>measurements.  There are measurements published all over the web.  If
>we're treating prices as measurements, it's difficult to find a web
>page that isn't an example of monetary measurements.  Do you mean you
>can't find examples of the specific markup you're proposing?  We
>don't need examples of that.  We just need examples of the problem,
>not the solution.  If we had examples of the solution, we'd be done
>> Do you get my intension?
>I'm not sure.

... you helped me - I misinterpretated it as "to find the solution out
there" ... but now I understand, that I just need to show the problem
of (maybe different ways) of publishing. Then i donot have to chose
one of them, but can create a solution which will fit to them (which
means, that mabey they have to change their markup to suit to the new
microformat while others may already fit).

>> So what do you think about the approach to solve this by creating a
>> measurement-design-pattern and to use this for creating the currency
>> microformat?
>I don't know.  I think it looks fine as an abstract idea, but how
>would it work in real web pages?  We need to look at a lot of real
>web pages to evaluate whether something will work on the real web.
>It can be a lot of tedious work collecting and analyzing these
>examples, but I don't see any viable alternative.

On real webpages, you would not use the measurement (design-pattern)
itself, you would use an instance like currency. My feeling is, that
for developers it would be easier, if different measurement dimensions
(currency, weight, length, speed ... ) does use a common set of
properties/structure (defined in the measurement-design-pattern),
while those are adjusted to the specific dimension (like in an
upcomming currency microformt).

Or do you think instead of an abstract design-patter, measurement
should be a format where you can use all kind of dimensions and their
units? Maybe this will result in a conflict, when to use measurement
with unit "USD" (which implies the dimension currency/money) of to use
currency (which specifies the dimension) with unit "USD".

What do you think / feel about this.

Kind Regards,
Emil Thies

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