[uf-new] hAlbum Microformat brainstorming and proposal pages created

Manu Sporny msporny at digitalbazaar.com
Sun Aug 5 21:00:47 PDT 2007

To get ready for the hAlbum Microformat discussion, separate
brainstorming and proposal pages have been created.

hAlbum was cleaved from hAudio several months ago because it was
complicating issues. The decision was made to tackle audio collections
at a later date, thus we dropped all discussion at that time. The plan
is to revive discussion on hAlbum now that we've gone through an
implementation cycle with hAudio.

The new pages can be found here... they are rough, but should outline
what we're planning on discussing. hAlbum borrows very heavily from hAudio:


Once some of the hAudio issues have been addressed we can move on to
hAlbum... the page is up if people want to make changes, or start
commenting on the audio-album-issues page.

-- manu

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