[uf-new] Analyzed collected receipt samples

Clay Newton clay.newton at gmail.com
Thu Aug 16 20:01:59 PDT 2007

> As you will remember, a few weeks ago you helped me gather online
> receipt samples and provided guidance and input on the process
> (thanks!). At the time I started low-level analysis of the collected
> samples. I didn't get the chance to compare the receipt samples to each
> other before today, but now it's finally done!

I was just looking through the receipt work, good stuff there. I
recently started compiling examples of trade examples, looking at the
potential for proposing a microformat, supporting the trading of goods
and record thereof.

Clearly, the receipt work is much more mature the trade investigations
to date. That said, it seems to me it would make sense to merge

The trade pipeline is (roughly):
Consideration > Purchase > Fullfillment > History

Examples of artificats generated at each phase (artifacts are
generated on both ends of the transaction, they are broken out as
Buyer / Seller):
Wishlist / Estimate > Receipt / Invoice > Shipment Record / Bill of
Lading > Transaction Record

There is significant overlap in the data elements for each of these
records. It would seem to me that one microformat could support the
sum of these phases.

Enterprise Innovation, Bank of America eCommerce

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