[uf-new] hAudio ISSUE #3: published-date is redundant

Martin McEvoy martin at weborganics.co.uk
Fri Aug 17 05:41:39 PDT 2007

On Thu, 2007-08-16 at 23:11 -0700, Ian McKellar wrote:
> I'm concerned that it won't be possible to mix hAtom and hAudio as
> flexibly as I'd like with this but it might be for the best. The main
> problem I see is that it would be hard to share elements between
> hAudio and hAtom (such as entry-title and audio-title) because to
> prevent the audio's published being confused for the entry's published
> the audio's published needs to be inside entry-content or
> entry-summary. 
> Consider this pseudo-xhtml:
> <div class="hentry haudio">
>   <h1 class="entry-title">
>     <span class="audio-title">Second Hand News</span> by 
>     <span class="contributor vcard fn">Fleetwood Mac</span> 
>     (<span class="published">1977</span>)
>   </h1>
>   <div class="entry-content">This song is great</div>
>   <div>blog posted: <span class="published">August 19th,
> 2007</span></div> 
> </div>

Although In principle to agree with you, but I dont think you will find
many examples actually marked up the way you suggest

But if you really wanted to you could do this..

<div class="hentry">
<h1 class="entry-title haudio">
   <span class="audio-title">Second Hand News</span> by 
   <span class="contributor vcard">
   <span class="fn">Fleetwood Mac</span>
   ( <abbr title="19770101" class="published">1977</abbr> )
  <div class="entry-content">This song is great</div>
  <div>blog posted by <address class="vcard author"><a class="url fn"
href="http://someurl.com">Author</a></address> on: <abbr
title="20070807T1252+01" class="updated">August 07th, 2007</abbr>

example here 


dates are not confused because parsers such hAtom2Atom [1] and
http://tools.microformatic.com/ ( uses hAtom2Atom.xsl ) [2] will look
for the "updated" elements and use those as dates

messy I know

there is an example of haudio and hatom available at

[1] http://www.lukearno.com/projects/hatom2atom/
[2] http://tools.microformatic.com/

hope this helps


> One approach would be to put the whole hAudio inside the entry-content
> so it is hidden from the hAtom, but then we couldn't mark up the title
> with the semantic information in it.
> I know there are ways to fiddle with the nesting to get this specific
> case right but I think it's just a little too fiddly and the meaning
> of "published" in Atom is sufficiently different from its meaning as
> it relates to audio that mixing the two is not ideal. 
> Ian
> On 8/5/07, Manu Sporny <msporny at digitalbazaar.com> wrote:
>         Skipping haudio ISSUE #2 because we don't have halbum done
>         yet. halbum
>         might also use audio-title, or album-title. Use of FN or
>         SUMMARY could
>         conflict. We'll revisit hAudio ISSUE #2 when we have halbum in
>         a more 
>         stable state.
>         hAudio ISSUE #3:
>         http://microformats.org/wiki/audio-info-issues#published-date_Property
>         published-date is a duplicate of the PUBLISHED property
>         found-in hAtom. 
>         This can be collapsed to a single property name or dtstart,
>         from hCalendar.
>         Possible Solutions
>            1. Use PUBLISHED instead
>            2. Use DTSTART instead
>            3. One of the two above, and make published an hCalendar
>         event 
>         I suggest that we use PUBLISHED and not make it an hCalendar
>         event to
>         stay in line with how PUBLISHED is defined in hAtom. It should
>         use the
>         date-time-design-pattern.If you are involved in hAudio (or
>         want to be), 
>         please give the list an "AGREE/+1" or disagree with a line of
>         reasoning.
>         -- manu
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