[uf-new] Microformalyze 0.7 released - New Microformat analysis tool

Manu Sporny msporny at digitalbazaar.com
Wed Aug 29 22:32:41 PDT 2007


Microformalyze speeds the Microformat examples collection and analysis

One of the first steps of the Microformat creation process is example
gathering and website analysis. This step requires the Microformat
creators to analyze tens if not hundreds of websites. This can be a
tedious and time consuming process.

The Microformalyze tool automates the task of tracking website
properties, saving example data and automatically calculating analysis
statistics. It can greatly increase the productivity of an author when
collecting examples and analyzing websites. It also creates a
paper-trail that others can verify quickly and easily, ensuring that
proper analysis is being performed by Microformat authors.


The features of the Microformalyze tool are:

* Website URL Storage - Allows an author to add a number of website URLs
for further analysis.
* Flexible Property Naming - New website properties can be added as
needed while performing analysis.
* Property Descriptions - Allows an author to describe a property so
others can understand what it means for a website to have a certain
* Standardized Load/Save Format - Allows the example and analysis data
to be written to and read from a file. This allows collaboration between
multiple authors using an open, standardized file format.
* Verifiable Papertrail - The tool stores all data in a file that can be
used to double-check another authors analysis. This is also useful if
further analysis is required at any later point in time.
* Auto-statistics Calculation - Automatically calculates and sorts the
most current statistics related to the gathered example URLs and
properties for each URL.
* Cross Platform* - Coded in Python and PyGtk - tested under Linux,
should work in Windows with minimal effort. *(crosses fingers).
* Open Source - All source code and documentation is available under the
GPL. Allows anybody to embrace and extend the application to meet their

More information can be found on the Microformalyze wiki page:

The Microformalyze application can be downloaded from:

We're currently re-analyzing the audio examples using this tool. Video
examples are also being analyzed using this tool.

-- manu

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