[uf-new] starting work and discussion on XRN

Kilian Valkhof kilian at kilianvalkhof.com
Sun Feb 18 13:03:18 PST 2007

Hello all, This reply is long overdue, but here it is:

At the discuss-newsgroup, most people were in favour of joining XPN(the 
idea) and XFN into an XRN, an Xhtml Relationships Network. This to 
broaden the use. I think this would be a very smart idea.

I would like to start working on such a thing (discussion pages, example 
pages, the likes) But I don't really have all the knowledge on the how, 
and there is only so much the site+wiki can teach you.

So I would like to ask if someone would like to coach/mentor me. I know 
I can always ask things in the chat, but in my experience this is easier.

So, for the technicalities: The idea is to extend XFN to XRN by adding 
business/professional relationships to it. LinkedIn already has a list 
of them, and I think it would be wise to at least incorporate those. 
Next to that, I think it would be smart to give company's a way to link 
to clients and suppliers, and to employee's (for example, the many web 
development company's that link to the personal blogs of their employee's)

The next cause of action would be to expand the xpn examples page I 
already made ( http://microformats.org/wiki/xpn-examples ) or should we 
start a brainstorm/discussion page and work from there?


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