[uf-new] MicroFormats for (Music-)TopLists, htop-list?

Regine Heidorn regine at regine-heidorn.de
Thu Jul 12 04:50:01 PDT 2007

Hi All,

first let me introduce myself: I'm a 35-year-old Webdeveloper living  
in Berlin, Germany. I care a lot about semantic stuff and CSS, so I  
feel kind of addicted to that MicroFormat-Thing.

I didn't use it a lot up to now though, but there is an idea I would  
like to materialize. In the last months I cared a lot about Open  
Music, Music published under cc-licence and netlabels offering that  
stuff. Since I'm running a blog I got the idea of creating a top-5- 
list of the tracks I like best from the different labels. To make the  
thing more communicating I thought it funny to give the netlabels the  
opportunity to grab my top-lists including the resulting ratings. If  
more bloggers or community-sites feel like doing this, the labels  
could establish something like the blogosphere-web2.0-community- 

So I contacted one of the netlabels, they're quite interested in this  
idea, so I thought of how to form this idea in the most simple and  
effective way and stumbled across the microformat-thing. I looked  
around the blog and the wiki to find out if something would match my  
idea and what I can see for the moment is the vision of a top-list  
microformat (for audio), including the haudio-Format and the hreview- 
format to form something like this:

	<li class="hAudio">
		<img src="http://www.thinner.cc/pics/covers/thn092cover.jpg"  
style="display: none" class="image-summary" />
		<span class="audio-title"><a href="ftp://ftp.scene.org/pub/music/ 
_rechazamos_el_ahora.mp3">rechazamos el ahora</a></span>
		<span class="contributor">
			<span class="vcard">
				<span class="fn org"><a href="http://www.discogs.com/artist/ 
Christian+Dittmann">Christian Dittmann</a></span>
		<span class="album-title"><a href="http://www.discogs.com/release/ 
		<span class="publisher org"><a href="http://www.thinner.cc/ 
		<span class="catalog-id"><a href="http://www.thinner.cc/ 
releases.php?r=thn092">thn 092</a></span>
		<a href="http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-nc-nd/2.0/deed- 
music" rel="licence">cc-by-nc-nd</a>
		<span class="rating"></span>

My thoughts up to this point are:

- Did I use the microformats right, did I get the idea properly?
- Since it's a top-list the use of <ol> is the semantic correct way,  
so to establish the format it should be convention to start with  
something like <ol class="htoplist">?
- Is the licence correctly included with an <a rel>?
- How can the rating be included? Does it make sense to work with  
hreview here?
- A top-list can be seen as a review, might it be better to  
straighten the whole thing out to the hreview thing? So it could also  
be used for top-lists not regarding audio-tracks. But it also seems  
logical to use haudio if it's audio-material. So especially for audio- 
top-lists would it be OK to make that clear by the use of <li  
- If a top-list is also a review: should it be extended by the  
hreview-possibilities? Like for example if I write a review about a  
track like maybe on my blog or somewhere else, it would  be  
semantically interesting to paste this information together with my  

Second is: how can those informations be collected by let's say the  
netlabels? As to now I have the idea of a php-script writing the data  
in a database and thus creating the netlabel-toplist consisting of  
the data from participating Blogs, community-sites and whatever.

Lots of thoughts, hope one can follow at least ;-)

Regine Heidorn

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