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Mon Jul 16 13:19:23 PDT 2007

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>On 7/15/07, Tantek Çelik <tantek at cs.stanford.edu> wrote:
>> Our experience with this in practice has been quite good, and in fact, this
>> is the first that *anyone* has raised any issues with it (in over two years
>> of it functioning this way - that is it's not that no one's written it down
>> yet - unlike some of the existing issues), so given experience to date, I
>> would assert that we have the 80/20 (or far more than even) case covered,
>> and that new cases regarding this being raised now have the burden of
>> proof[1].
>I have raised this issue before in IRC directly in conversation with
>you, Tantek. It also came up during Twitter's adoption of microformats
>because their usage assumed that the alt text was considered part of
>the microformat output without specifying anything specific.



        (reformatted and edited for readability)

        # [22:05:44]    <RobertBachmann> one question ...
                <a href="http://www.adobe.com/" class="url fn org">
                  <img src="...gif" alt="Adobe Systems, Inc." /></a>

        # [22:05:44]    <RobertBachmann> should work?

        # [22:06:05]    <kingryan> should

        # [22:06:12]    <tantek> yes, as long as there is a
                        <span class="vcard"> around it

and this mailing list thread:


This thread has some useful background:


Andy Mabbett

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