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Rob Manson roBman at MobileOnlineBusiness.com.au
Tue Jul 17 16:56:01 PDT 2007


So unless there's some real objections within the next 24 hours I
propose that Leif, Manu and I start creating a commerce and a receipt
page on wiki as discussed so far.  Obviously all input is welcome 8)

I'm also logged onto the microformats irc if anyone would like to
discuss this or raise objections there.

However I also share Leif's confusion around the payment wiki page.

I think perhaps the initial tangent for this seemed very specifically
biased towards blogs and web authors - however rel-payment should work
fine for any type of commerce really (e.g. shouldn't hListing contain
refs to rel-payment?).

But personally I don't really understand the difference between payment
and rel-payment as the pages currently stand.

I did check the history of the payment page and saw:
Tantek - created top level page for "payment" microformat to
componentize and outline efforts that went into rel-payment

Perhaps this is just a work in progress at the moment?

And I think the permalink addition is a great idea Leif.

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