[uf-new] microformat granularity: currency and measure

Andy Mabbett andy at pigsonthewing.org.uk
Thu Jul 19 14:39:01 PDT 2007

In message <469FD2C4.5000605 at brixlogic.com>, Guillaume Lebleu 
<gl at brixlogic.com> writes

>Andy Mabbett wrote:
>> My contention is that published amounts of money - such as those 
>>listed as examples on the wiki, and others - often include a symbol, 
>>that symbol may be obscure, or take the form of a letter which is 
>>indistinguishable from other text. It may occur before, in the middle, 
>>or following numbers.
>> Only by marking it up can we be sure that parsers know to remove it 
>>when converting to an alternative currency.
>> The same applies to "value" in words (as in "five pounds" or "10 cents").
>I looked again at some of the examples. It seems to me that if a 
>"value" or "amount" class name clearly separates the symbol, if any, 
>from the value, then parsing should be fine.
>Moreover, it seemed to me that when the dollar symbol or cents symbol 
>is used, its meaning may more correctly be viewed as the unit of the 
>currency, instead of the symbol of the currency.
>For instance, in "¢2.1 USD", the currency is "USD", and the unit is 
>"¢", but "¢" is not the symbol of currency "USD".

How would you mark those up?

Andy Mabbett

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