[uf-new] Currency: more non-USD examples needed

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On 7/20/07, Scott Reynen <scott at makedatamakesense.com> wrote:
> I was going to continue discussion about a currency microformat, but
> I realized that the examples collected and analyzed so far are nearly
> all USD.  I don't think we can really make any knowledgeable
> proposals without more comprehensive examples, so I'm going to
> postpone further brainstorming and focus on collecting more
> examples.  And I'd of course encourage others to do the same.

In French... ever with French speaknig Canadians... the dollar sign is
written after the numerical amount.

Also... the way "decimal symbol" and "comma" are used are switched.  For

In English...


In French...

   5.000,00 $

(Also note the extra space between the number and the currency symbol.)

See ya

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