[uf-new] Currency: more non-USD examples needed

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Technically yes, seemingly practically no.

"Today, only two countries in the world use non-decimal currencies.
These are Mauritania (1 ouguiya = 5 khoums) and Madagascar (1 ariary = 5
iraimbilanja). In both cases the value of the main unit is so low that
the sub-unit is too small to be of any practical use and coins of the
sub-unit are no longer used."


Brian Burke.

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>I was going to continue discussion about a currency microformat, but  I

>realized that the examples collected and analyzed so far are nearly all

Look again. There are also GBP, Canadian dollars
unspecified dollars, Euros, Deutschmark, and Jamaican money.

Are there any modern day currenscies which are not decimal?

Andy Mabbett
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