[uf-new] Currency: more non-USD examples needed

Scott Reynen scott at makedatamakesense.com
Fri Jul 20 14:49:50 PDT 2007

On Jul 20, 2007, at 3:09 PM, Andy Mabbett wrote:

> Look again. There are also GBP, Canadian dollars
> unspecified dollars, Euros, Deutschmark, and Jamaican money.

I saw that and think more is still needed.  Surely cents are not the  
only modern non-default currency unit, but that's the only one in the  
examples.  How can we discuss the others if we don't know what they  
look like in publishing?  I don't want to (further) waste anyone's  
time discussing a solution for cents only to discover afterward it  
won't work for another commonly-published type of currency we hadn't  
yet considered.  So I'll be collecting more examples.

> Are there any modern day currenscies which are not decimal?

No.  I wondered the same thing during previous currency discussion,  
researched the topic, and wrote about what I found here:


Summary: There are two countries that still formally have non-decimal  
currency, but not in practice.

Scott Reynen

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