Microformats containing MathML or other embedded XML vocabularies? (was Re: [uf-new] Microformat for expressing uncertainty?)

Charlie microformats at charlie.okeefe.name
Tue Jul 31 00:48:20 PDT 2007

It occurs to me that MathML should probably play a key role here, as it is a
W3C Recommendation for integrating mathematical content into web documents.
A matrix like I described should certainly qualify. As an added bonus, any
client software that understands MathML would immediately recognize my
covariance matrix as a matrix in the mathematical sense, whether or not it
can pull other semantic meaning from the document.

It would still be nice to use a microformat to convey some more semantic
meaning. I'm not sure if I could say in MathML that my matrix is a
covariance matrix. And I seriously doubt I would be able to convey that it
describes measurement uncertainty on a geographic location.

So... can I use class attributes here? MathML tags are not XHTML tags, after
all. Is it legal to apply the concepts of microformats to other xml
vocabularies embedded in an XHTML document?

Or maybe, whether the above is allowed or not, it would be preferable to use
a class attribute in a containing element, such as a div or span, so that
the class attribute is kept out of non-html tags. And if that is the case,
can I declare that to conform to my microformat, an element with a given
class (say, "covariance") must contain a mathml:mtable element?

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> I'm not sure what we should do...
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