[uf-new] hAudio - audio-album and audio-podcast

Manu Sporny msporny at digitalbazaar.com
Wed Jun 6 07:22:31 PDT 2007

Joe Andrieu wrote:
> Manu Sporny wrote:
>> Brian Suda wrote:
>>> --- now we are spiraling back to ideas of what people "WANT" rather 
>>> than model what is being published.
>> I agree - we should keep our focus on solving demonstrated 
>> needs as outlined by the audio-info-examples exploratory 
>> discussion. Right now, we are talking about audio albums.
> Rather than respond in detail to other points, I'd like to 
> make a suggestion.
> Why don't we stop worrying about albums and just solve audio-info?

The reason that we are focusing on albums right now is because the first
draft of audio-info seems to be done. Nobody seems to have raised any
issues related to existing elements in the haudio draft in several weeks.

We talked about each element of haudio that was under contention in the
following discussions:


I believe that the basic haudio draft addresses all of the needs
demonstrated by audio-info-examples.

The only thing that is left to do is address albums. We need to address
albums because they have a very heavy representation in the
audio-info-examples page.

> Can we focus on solving this base case and then build from there?

I believe that we have done a good job at addressing the base cases.

The only reason I am not saying that we've "solved" the haudio base case
is because you don't "solve" the problem in the first draft. We need to
publish something so that people can start playing around with it and
what we have now can address most of the examples (as long as we have
some way of specifying albums). The draft doesn't need to address every
issue under the sun... we will iterate on the concept as long as a need
is demonstrated.

We are doing what you are suggesting, Joe - we've done a good job at
addressing the base case. Now we're seeing if we can build on top of the
base case - audio albums are the first step.

-- manu

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