[uf-new] ISBN, ISSN and the case for moving forward now

Andy Mabbett andy at pigsonthewing.org.uk
Sun Mar 18 04:53:13 PST 2007

In message <522C3D75-3485-433C-9017-68EEC9C1DFF9 at deri.org>, Alexander 
Graf <alexander.graf at deri.org> writes

>I want you to know that the ISBN format has changed as of
>Januar 1st 2007. In your test cases, the ISBN numbers are ten
>digits, which is *no longer valid*!

It's my understanding that 10-digit ISBNs (a published in millions of 
books and journals and many thousands, if not millions, of websites) are 
still valid. Can you provide specific a citation otherwise, please?

Andy Mabbett

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