[uf-new] ISBN, ISSN and the case for moving forward now

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Sun Mar 18 13:09:15 PST 2007

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>Is there an ISBN lookup service?

If you want to enter an ISBN and find the title and author, etc., then 
you can use the Wikipedia service in my original post.

For the reverse, you need to find the book in a library catalogue, 
on-line bookshop (such as Amazon) or suchlike, Note that books published 
before 1974 do not have ISBNs (there's an interesting case to be made 
for retrospectively  issuing them but this isn't the place for that).

Note that ISBN have been assigned for almost 35 years in over 150 
countries or territories. I don't know many millions that amounts too, 
but I'd wager that the vast majority are published on-line, at least 
once, and often many thousands of times.

Andy Mabbett

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