[uf-new] First attempt at hAudio proposal

Manu Sporny msporny at digitalbazaar.com
Thu May 3 08:09:36 PDT 2007

David Janes wrote:
> This comment is sort of meta, but here goes anyway...
> When I was designing hAtom, I framed the discussion in terms of
> semantic elements discovered / brainstormed -- Feed, Entry, Entry
> Title, Entry Author and so forth, and the relationships between them.

This has been done for hAudio as well in the brainstorming section:


> Note that you're always free to adopt a subset of elements from hAtom
> and hWhatever if they have the appropriate meaning. In fact you
> probably _should_ maybe even _must_ adopt them. Then the question at
> the end becomes "does it make sense to grab the top level container
> element/class for this microformat, or grab a new one"

Very good advice, we would be wise to be wary of new tags that are not
needed. We should re-use old tags if they do they carry the same
semantics as the newly proposed tags.

-- manu

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