[uf-new] Revisiting grouping problem solution proposal: hset

Chris Griego cgriego at gmail.com
Sat May 19 06:03:54 PDT 2007

Before you start on a full-blown proposal, can you create a sample
page? I know that personally I'm having trouble mentally translating
your pseudo markup into what the HTML markup would actually look like.
I think I have some ideas on how this could work more simply as a
convention, but without seeing what you're trying to achieve I don't
know if it answers the problem or not.

Chris Griego

On 5/18/07, Manu Sporny <msporny at digitalbazaar.com> wrote:
> Martin McEvoy wrote:
> >>> I know there is more mark up but it does use simple class names that
> >>> every one can understand
> >> I agree, it does do the same thing. I'd prefer doing something like what
> >> you're suggesting. The only problem that would need to be solved is how
> >> we support sparse grouping with that approach?
> >
> > We can't, can we?
> We've been wracking our collective brains on how to make what your
> proposed to work, but keep having the same sorts of problems. If we
> didn't have to deal with sparse groups, your solution would be perfect.
> In a way, this is a perfect example of why we need to collect examples
> for any Microformat - if we weren't collecting examples, we would have
> probably adopted something very similar to what you proposed (and not
> addressing the real problem in the end).
> > Right now the penny drops Its a compact microformat? or hSet if you
> > like? as a design pattern it can be used like this
> >
> > hset.dtstart.20070312T1700-06
> I don't think we should expand it to a design pattern until we see it
> used in several other Microformats. Let's keep it semi-constrained for
> right now because it doesn't cost us anything to do so.
> In addition, several Microformats will need to use hset to identify it
> as a design pattern. You are correct - it is a VERY simple Microformat
> and probably will become a design pattern eventually.
> Let's let hset take its natural course and not rush it into being a
> design pattern before we are sure it will be used as such.
> > I think hSet will solve many issues when used like this, and above all
> > it puts machine data where it belongs.
> Then if there are no objections - I'll write up an hset proposal and
> submit it to the list for feedback in the next week or two. We'll do one
> more round of feedback for haudio and hset after that and see where we
> stand.
> -- manu
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