[uf-new] hSet Survey - Current Results

Manu Sporny msporny at digitalbazaar.com
Wed May 30 09:27:21 PDT 2007

Below are the current results related to the hSet survey. If you can,
please note your preference as to how we handle the hset problem:

1. Please go to the following URL: http://www.advancedsurvey.com/
2. Enter the Survey Number under the "Enter Survey #" field.
   The number is: 52427

Here are the current results from the hSet survey (there were only 7
people that filled out the survey - we need a larger sample group. If
you haven't taken the survey yet, please do.):

1. The grouping problem needs to be solved.
Yes 							4 	57.14% 	
No							1 	14.29% 	
I'm confused as to what the grouping problem is... 	2 	28.57% 	

2. The following identified types of grouping should have a solution.
The definition for these types are provided on the grouping-examples page:
ordered grouping 			6 	28.57% 	
unordered grouping 			5 	23.81% 	
sparse grouping 			6 	28.57% 	
non-sparse grouping 			4 	19.05% 	
I don't know what this means... 	0 	0.00% 	

3. We should handle grouping on a Microformat-by-Microformat basis.
Yes 			2 	28.57% 	
In general, but should consider other options if it is obvious that this
might cause a problem 	1 	14.29% 	
No, it has been demonstrated that the problem can be solved
generally. 					1 	14.29% 	
No, grouping is going to get out of hand if we do it on a
Microformat-by-Microformat basis. 	
			3 	42.86% 	

4. The following methods of solving the general grouping problem are
Option #3 on the grouping-brainstorming page 	3 	50.00% 	
Option #7 on the grouping-brainstorming page 	3 	50.00% 	
View textual responses for this question.:
   More research

5. Using dot-notation for identifiers and classes is an acceptable
practice when authoring CSS and XHTML.
Yes, dot-notation is not a foreign concept to most website authors. 	
				4 	66.67% 	
Maybe, only website authors are familiar with it
			 	1 	16.67% 	
No, it is too complicated for most website authors 	
				1 	16.67% 	
I have no idea what dot-notation is... 	
				0 	0.00% 	

-- manu

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