[uf-new] I propose a new microformat for poems.

Michael Walker mike at yarrt.com
Wed Oct 3 11:37:51 PDT 2007

Well, this is my first post to this mailing list and I thought i'd start  
by addressing a problem thats been annoying me for a while.

I can't seem to find a microformat for poetry. I often write poems and  
post them to my blog (http://blog.yarrt.com), and I sometimes wonder about  
the best way to code them. Below is the method I have thought of (with one  
of my poems as an example):

[Heading Text Here, possibly a <h1>, <h2>, etc, depending on the context]
<div class="poem">
   <p class="verse">
     Standing by the roadside,<br />
     A tall dark man,<br />
     Wore a long brown coat,<br />
     Stood in the rain.
   <p class="verse">
     Explained he had no home,<br />
     Just travelled the country,<br />
     Sleeping on the streets,<br />
     Begging for his food.
   <p class="verse">
     "Why is he helping me?",<br />
     "Where am I going?",<br />
     He must have wondered,<br />
     While stepping into the car.
   <p class="verse">
     He seemed uneasy,<br />
     Not sure to trust me,<br />
     He had seem too much,<br />
     To trust people blindly.

I would suggest marking it up with the following CSS rule:
div.poem p.verse{

Possibly with a border around the whole poem, but that is, of course,  
completely up to you.

What do you all think?
Michael Walker, Webmaster

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