[uf-new] hAudio: audio-title/album-title vs. recording/album

Manu Sporny msporny at digitalbazaar.com
Mon Oct 8 21:03:52 PDT 2007

One of the last remaining (and most pedantic) issues for hAudio is the
naming of the audio-title and album-title properties. This includes the
following issues (we could close them all if we can finally decide on
these two names):

hAudio ISSUE #2: audio-title Property

hAudio ISSUE #9: album-title Property

hAudio ISSUE #10: Collection Names

The primary issue that I have with audio-title and album-title is that
they are not orthogonal in the programming language sense:


audio-title is the title of a singular/atomic audio expression. It is a
rather general term used to identify a singular work.

album-title is the title of an audio album. It is a specific term used
to identify a collection of singular works that are in an album/track

To add to the complexity of the semantics behind these two terms, they
not only denote the title, but the type of the hAudio as well.

The question is: Can we make these terms more orthogonal to publishers.
Can we choose terms that denote both title and type. The first attempt
was to name them something like the following:

recording-title and album-title

The use of -title seemed a bit redundant, so it was dropped to form:

recording and album

Speaking and reading the words in context makes sense:

hAudio recording
hAudio album

whereas speaking and reading what we have currently doesn't really make

hAudio audio-title (specifies the recording title AND the hAudio type)
hAudio album-title (specifies the album title AND the hAudio type)

There is also only one example to back-up using the "*-title" pattern in
Microformats, that being ENTRY-TITLE in hAtom. There are, however, loads
of examples of taking the other approach, which is using nouns to denote
"title (type)":

author (Person), item (Thing), label (Identifier), locality (Place),
logo (Image), note (Text), photo (Image), summary (Text), region
(Place), reviewer (Person), sound (Sound), and title (Text) are a
handful of examples of nouns being used to denote title and type.

The best that we've been able to do has been RECORDING and ALBUM. Any
suggestions on addressing these issues?

-- manu

PS: Keep in mind that RECORDING can be re-used in hVideo.

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