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>On Sat, 2007-10-13 at 19:47 +0100, Andy Mabbett wrote:
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>> >> Item is semantically empty, other than as a container. We might as
>> well
>> >> say "thing".
>> >what is a track on your CD? Just a space, gap or marker nothing more
>> On the contrary, it has a distinct meaning, which defines it as being
>> apart from the other "items" on a CD, such as an index, the performer,
>> its catalogue number, or whatever.
>Perhaps I am thinking to literally Item is just an Item? its the
>contents of which that describe just what kind of item it is?

It's my understanding that "item" in microformats was intended purely as
a delimiter, with the same - empty - semantic value as SPAN and DIV in

The hReview spec is unhelpful in this regard, specifying it thus:

        item info. required. fn (url || photo ) | hCard (for person or
        business) | hCalendar (for event)

where "item" is in CODE tags but "info." is not, and is not explained.

The subsequent definition gives:

        item info:: This required field MUST have at a minimum the name
        ("fn" - the formatted text corresponding to the name, except for
        an event item which MUST have the "summary" property inside the
        respective hCalendar "vevent") of the item (an hReview describes
        only one item), SHOULD provide at least one URI ("url") for the
        item, and MAY provide at least one URL to a photo or depiction
        ("photo") of the item. For items of type person or business, the
        item info (fn, url, photo) MUST be encapsulated in an hCard. For
        items of type event, the item info SHOULD be encapsulated in an
        hCalendar "vevent". Non-URL unique item IDs (e.g. ISBNs, UPCs)
        MAY be represented as a URN ("url") for the item. Encapsulated
        microformats (e.g. hCard and hCalendar events for now) may be
        set on the item itself (e.g. class="item vcard"). However, when
        using item info subproperties ("fn", "url", "photo"), they MUST
        be nested inside the item element.

and the use of "item" in the examples is not consistent:

   *    <div class="description item vcard">
                <span class="fn org">Crepes on Cole</span>
                is one of the best little creperies in
                <span class="adr">
                <span class="locality">San Francisco</span>
                Excellent food and service. Plenty of tables in a
                variety of sizes for parties large and small. Window
                seating makes for excellent people watching to/from the
                N-Judah which stops right outside. I've had many fun
                social gatherings here, as well as gotten plenty of work
                done thanks to neighborhood WiFi. </p>

   *    <div class="item vcard">
                <div class="fn org summary">Cafe Borrone</div>
                <span class="adr"> <span class="street-address">1010 El
                Camino Real</span>, <span class="locality">Menlo
                Park</span>, <span class="region">CA</span> <span
                class="postal-code">94025</span>, </span>
                <span class="tel">+1-650-327-0830</span>;
                <a class="url"

   *    <span class="item">
                <a class="url fn"
                HUMBZZZ_.jpg" alt="Album cover photo: The Postal
                Service: Give Up. " class="photo" />
                 The Postal Service: Give Up

   *    <div class="item">
                <a lang="zh" class="url fn"
                Ying Xiong (<span lang="en">HERO</span>)

Andy Mabbett

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