[uf-new] hAudio v0.8 updated (corrections)

Manu Sporny msporny at digitalbazaar.com
Wed Oct 31 17:12:11 PST 2007

Chris Newell wrote:
> 1) The Schema section states "fn and/or album required" but in the
> Field Details section for both Formatted Name and Album it states
> "hAudio MUST have either fn or album". It would be good to use
> "and/or" throughout.


> 2) The definition of the "position" field is currently "a number or
> other sequential identifier" which is rather vague for a machine
> readable field. I'd prefer to see this specified as an integer with a
> reminder that <abbr> can be used to provide an alternative human
> readable form.

I'd be fine with that proposal, except that LPs and EPs are usually
listed as having A and B sides. Opera acts are usually written using
roman numerals. We would like to support these other forms of
"sequential identifier". Here's a real-world example:


A1 	Figuras Frustradas   Psychic Vacuum
A2 	Pametex              Laque
B1 	Cosmic Force         The Electric Vision
B2 	Blue Villa People    R.E.M.

The question then becomes, is A1 position #1, or is B1 position #1? Can
we support these varied methods using only integers, or are we going to
have to focus on "humans first and machines second". My inclination is
to focus on "humans first and machines second".

No change has been made, yet. I'd like to keep that statement as-is
until there is a compelling way to support roman numeral and LP/EP
positional notation. Anybody have any great ideas on how to do this?

> 3) The "category" field is currently defined as text. Most of the
> examples I've examined a link which is effectively a tag. Can we adopt
> the approach used for the hCard "category" field and say:
>   "Categories in hAudio MAY be represented by tags with rel-tag. When
> a category property is a rel-tag, the tag (as defined by rel-tag) is
> used for that category."
> Apart from the benefit of using rel-tag, a consistent definition of
> "category" throughout microformats would be good.

Done. I made some small editorial corrections, does the following
statement work for you?

# This element MAY be expressed using the rel-tag elemental microformat.
When a category is expressed using rel-tag, the inner content of the
element is used as the text for the category. For example: <a
class="category" rel="tag" href="/tags/rock">Rock and Roll</a> would
have "Rock and Roll" as the text for the category.

> 4) The Language section has an odd reference to "reviews" (cut and
> paste error from hReview?):
>    "hAudio processors which need to handle the language of reviews
> MUST process the standard (X)HTML 'lang' attribute as specified."


> 5) This is probably not the time and place to say it but I regret the
> fact that there is no way to indicate the language used in the audio
> content, as opposed to the hAudio property values.

We can always add it into future versions of hAudio if it becomes common
place to specify the language of an audio recording. The reason hAudio
doesn't have a way to indicate the language of audio content is because
we didn't see that markup behavior while analyzing the examples.

For the time being, the publisher can add a "category" property with the
language listed, such as:

<span class="category">spanish</span> or <a rel="tag" class="category"

> 6) Aren't the last three bullets in the informative Notes section now
> obsolete?


Thanks for the vetting, Chris :). If anybody else wants to take a look
through hAudio and point out sections that are misleading, confusing or
wrong, please do.

-- manu

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