[uf-new] hAudio ISSUE #8: hAlbum is redundant

Manu Sporny msporny at digitalbazaar.com
Sat Sep 8 13:20:51 PDT 2007

Most of hAlbum's properties overlap with hAudio. In fact, the only two
properties that do not overlap with hAudio are 'album-title' and 'track'.

It has been proposed that we merge these two properties into hAudio to
provide a cleaner, more unified way of describing audio songs and
albums. Examples of how this would work along with the rest of the
arguments are located on the wiki:


This approach has a number of benefits:

- We'd be able to get rid of hAlbum (which I proposed, but never really
  liked all that much). One less Microformat is good. Minimalism is
- It provides an elegant way to extend hAudio to albums, podcasts,
  toplists and other audio collections.
- It would address an issue that the Songbird folks had with hAudio
  (not being to specify album-title in an hAudio).
- Parser implementation is simpler - less code to write to  parse both
  hAudio AND hAlbum.
- It would effectively close the debate on using 'fn' or 'audio-title'.
  Resolving two issues with one proposal.

We'll be implementing this in the next several weeks on our website to
see how it works. If the implementation goes smoothly, I'd like to adopt
this method as the standard way of doing albums in hAudio.

Thoughts and comments from everybody on this approach would be great at
this point. If you wanted to vote for/against it, the link is here:


-- manu

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