[uf-new] hAudio ISSUE #8: hAlbum is redundant

Martin McEvoy martin at weborganics.co.uk
Sat Sep 8 17:30:54 PDT 2007

On Sat, 2007-09-08 at 16:20 -0400, Manu Sporny wrote:
> Most of hAlbum's properties overlap with hAudio. In fact, the only two
> properties that do not overlap with hAudio are 'album-title' and 'track'.

Does hAudio then describe a collection of hAudio's ? 

> It has been proposed that we merge these two properties into hAudio to
> provide a cleaner, more unified way of describing audio songs and
> albums. Examples of how this would work along with the rest of the
> arguments are located on the wiki:

Great proposal Manu this will save a lot of confusion over hAlbum and
hAudio, and save bloating the wiki with proposals that probably wont be
used such as hAlbum.

> http://microformats.org/wiki/audio-info-issues#Problem:_hAlbum_is_redundant
> This approach has a number of benefits:
> - We'd be able to get rid of hAlbum (which I proposed, but never really
>   liked all that much). One less Microformat is good. Minimalism is
>   good.

+1 for that

> - It provides an elegant way to extend hAudio to albums, podcasts,
>   toplists and other audio collections.

+ for that too 

should we also add a type class

<span class="type">Album</span>
<span class="type">Podcast</span>
<span class="type">Compilation</span>
> - It would address an issue that the Songbird folks had with hAudio
>   (not being to specify album-title in an hAudio).

We need to also address and discuss descriptions for this to become

> - Parser implementation is simpler - less code to write to  parse both
>   hAudio AND hAlbum.

which is always a plus +

> - It would effectively close the debate on using 'fn' or 'audio-title'.
>   Resolving two issues with one proposal.
> We'll be implementing this in the next several weeks on our website to
> see how it works. If the implementation goes smoothly, I'd like to adopt
> this method as the standard way of doing albums in hAudio.
> Thoughts and comments from everybody on this approach would be great at
> this point. If you wanted to vote for/against it, the link is here:
> http://microformats.org/wiki/audio-info-issues#Votes_7
> -- manu

Thank you

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