[uf-new] Launching the hVideo exploratory discussion!

Manu Sporny msporny at digitalbazaar.com
Mon Sep 10 20:27:10 PDT 2007

The video-info exploratory discussion has been created on the wiki.
There are currently 22 examples that have been analyzed so far:


Here are the property leaders with the current set of data:

# title: 95.65%
# comments: 86.96%
# image summary: 86.96%
# published: 86.96%
# category: 82.61%
# contributor: 78.26%
# description: 78.26%
# flash player: 78.26%
# popularity rating: 73.91%
# number of views: 69.57%
# email video url: 60.87%
# related content: 56.52%
# number of comments: 56.52%
# permalink url: 52.17%

Example collection and analysis was performed using Microformalyze:


The tool allowed analysis to be performed at a rate of around 10 sites
per hour. The rate was around 3 sites per hour when working on hAudio.

We could really use some help with more links to video sites. If you use
a video site, please add it to the list of video sites awaiting analysis:


-- manu

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