[uf-new] Launching the hVideo exploratory discussion!

Mary Hodder mary at dabble.com
Tue Sep 11 09:45:22 PDT 2007

Hi Manu,
Thanks for sharing your list.

Though I would say it appears to reflect what is located in APIs or  
feeds or html pages from a small subset of video hosting companies,  
not what we see overall, or what users publish on their own.

Is the video microformat use case one that is about video hosters or  
about what users do, or both?

At Dabble, as we take in metadata from both sources, we see users and  
hosters publishing titles, thumbnail (users don't call it "image  
summary" and actually, the hosters don't either much), category AND  
tags, uploader, director or creator, license, description, duration,  
sometimes size, and almost always, urls for html page, with some  
people giving multiple download and streaming urls. In fact there is  
almost always a "permalink url" (how did you come up with 58% on that  
one?) because no one would be able to get to it if that didn't exist.

What we never see is "published" (what does that mean?) or "email  
video url" in a feed or api.. sometimes that's on a page and often  
buried in flash or dhtml .. but it wouldn't be very helpful, as it's  
actually the same as the html url usually with extra code for email.

Also most individual users never publish "popularity rating" or  
"number of views" etc.

I thought the point of the microformat was for users and publishing  
companies to be able to put out data that would be easily readable in  
both an RSS feed and via spidering an html page, that was commonly  
published online?

I think the basic set of commonly published items includes:

html url (sometimes same and sometimes different from the url to  
embed, or link directly to the video)
video url (if existing - could be multiple, see Blip or Revver or  
soon to be Youtube)
category and / or tags
creator or uploader or both (many youtube videos have both, with  
"director" as the creator designation)
embed code

We see these all elements highly published.

We don't typically see any comments come through feeds or apis, but  
they are certainly on the page at the site, and if say, like Youtube,  
they can be spidered, then yes.. there are comments.

If the goal is to make microformats for publishers, then it might  
make sense to include:
number of views
number of comments
popularity ratings

Also, the sense I get from your write up here:

is that you are more interested in the use-case of microformats for  
selling video or other content.

But I don't think most video on the web is about that, nor will it  
be.  I expect much of that will die out over the next two years, as  
some of what was there two years ago died out (see google video's  
retraction of for-pay video, or the increase in video that iTunes  
carries for free).  And I don't see a lot of it now.

my 2 cents.. i hope that's helpful.


Mary Hodder

On Sep 10, 2007, at 8:27 PM, Manu Sporny wrote:

> The video-info exploratory discussion has been created on the wiki.
> There are currently 22 examples that have been analyzed so far:
> http://microformats.org/wiki/video-info-examples
> Here are the property leaders with the current set of data:
> # title: 95.65%
> # comments: 86.96%
> # image summary: 86.96%
> # published: 86.96%
> # category: 82.61%
> # contributor: 78.26%
> # description: 78.26%
> # flash player: 78.26%
> # popularity rating: 73.91%
> # number of views: 69.57%
> # email video url: 60.87%
> # related content: 56.52%
> # number of comments: 56.52%
> # permalink url: 52.17%
> Example collection and analysis was performed using Microformalyze:
> http://wiki.digitalbazaar.com/en/Microformalyze
> The tool allowed analysis to be performed at a rate of around 10 sites
> per hour. The rate was around 3 sites per hour when working on hAudio.
> We could really use some help with more links to video sites. If  
> you use
> a video site, please add it to the list of video sites awaiting  
> analysis:
> http://microformats.org/wiki/video-info- 
> examples#Video_Sites_Needing_Analysis
> -- manu
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