[uf-new] The Process

Manu Sporny msporny at digitalbazaar.com
Wed Sep 12 07:06:55 PDT 2007

Frances Berriman wrote:
>> We felt that the community wasn't very upfront about these shortcomings
>> of Microformats. We didn't even know that the community understood that
>> Microformats had these shortcomings until we were 7 months into the
>> process. I think we as a community should be very honest about what one
>> can't do with Microformats.
> That's fair.  I think it would be very beneficial to be upfront about
> this.  After all, it'll save everyone time in the long run.  I think
> devoting a page to "are microformats for you or your project?" would
> be worthwhile.

I think we should call it what it is:

"The Accepted Limitations of Microformats"

> It's rigorous, but yeah, I agree... any effort to make it less
> meat-grinder like and more "super fun adventure" is a good thing.  But
> at the same time, it's been that harsh to prevent frivolous formats
> being created.

That harshness has also sent good people elsewhere... you don't have to
be harsh to prevent frivolous formats or unwanted behavior. In fact,
this goes against the Microformats "be nice" principle.

-- manu

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