Subject: Re: [uf-new] hAudio ISSUE #8: hAlbum is redundant

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Thu Sep 13 03:58:42 PDT 2007

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>Subject: Re: [uf-new] hAudio ISSUE #8: hAlbum is redundant
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>Martin McEvoy wrote:
>> I vote we use something more generic and call audio-title, album-title
>> or in fact any media related title just "media-title", you can re-use it
>> for albums, podcasts, toplists, downloads, charts, video, images.
>If we do that, we will lose the ability to differentiate between an
>album, podcast, toplist, download, and chart. These are differentiations
>that we need to make because of the examples discovered thus far.


If there is a single, generic collection-title field could you use the "type" and "value" construction to achieve this?

For example:

<span class="collection">
 <span class="type">Album</span>:
 <span class="value">Sticky Fingers</span>


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