[uf-new] hAudio ISSUE #8: hAlbum is redundant

Chris Newell chris.newell at rd.bbc.co.uk
Thu Sep 13 03:33:22 PDT 2007

>Date: Wed, 12 Sep 2007 23:11:38 +0100
>From: Martin McEvoy <martin at weborganics.co.uk>
>Subject: Re: [uf-new] hAudio ISSUE #8: hAlbum is redundant
>To: "For discussion of new microformats."
>        <microformats-new at microformats.org>
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>If we bloat haudio in the ways you and others are suggesting then the
>actual use of hAudio (in my opinion) will be very slow indeed.
>I do not think hAudio will benefit from any such use of podcast-title,
>toplist-title, album-title or any derivative there-of.

I don't think having a single "collection-title" field would bloat the spec. Something generic like "parent" would do.

The tendency to aggregate music into collections is too strong to ignore.


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