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Charles Iliya Krempeaux supercanadian at gmail.com
Tue Sep 25 10:56:52 PDT 2007

Hello Chris,

On 9/25/07, Chris Newell <chris.newell at rd.bbc.co.uk> wrote:
> I'm interested in exploring how Internet radio and TV stations could be defined semantically.
> As hAudio appears targeted at individual recordings and collections of content I'm not sure it would be beneficial to the development process, or to the end-users, to add additional complexity in order to support Internet radio.
> Looking at the station listings out there on the web, there doesn't appear to be much difference between the metadata provided for radio and TV stations but there is a lot in common e.g. streams are often available at different bitrates or using different codecs.
> Does anyone else have an interest or thoughts in this area?

Not sure if this is completely related to what you are looking for.
You may be thinking of something else when you talk about "Internet

But some of us (from the videoblogging mailing list) have being using
certain Semantic HTML to markup certain kinds of things.

For example... for each episode/post, we have the concept of a
Thumbnail and a Poster image.

We mark these on the page for that episode/post, we use an HTML <link>
element to link to the poster image.  And another to <link> to the
thumbnail image.

For example...

<link rel="poster videoposter video-poster"

We could have probably just used one of those "rel" values.  But ended
up just throwing a bunch of stuff in there.

Something similar with thumbnails too...

<link rel="thumbnail videothumbnail video-thumbnail"

We created a WordPress plugin that can make use of this info when
linking to other people's videos.  I.e., it's able to discover what
the poster image or thumbnail image is.

Inside the <body> HTML, we often have the pattern...

<a href="http://example.com/page-with-video-on-it.html">
    <img src="http://example.com/theThumbnail.jpg" />

The way we mark this up is...

We mark <img> thumbnails with the classes: thumbnail, video-thumbnail,
& videothumbnail.  (Again... we could have use just one of those...
but ended up just throwing a all of them in there.)

And mark the link (<a>) with the classes: href-video & hrefvideo.
(Same thing here... could have used just one... but ended up throwing
both in there.)

So... a more complete example looks like...

<a href="http://example.com/page-with-video-on-it.html"
   class=" thumbnail video-thumbnail videothumbnail"
    <img src="http://example.com/theThumbnail.jpg" class="href-video
hrefvideo" />

We're also currently experimenting with other forms of Semantic HTML
for Internet TV.

See ya

    Charles Iliya Krempeaux, B.Sc. <http://ChangeLog.ca/>

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