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I've just touched upon "currency" microformat in a post on the
"measurement" microformat. There's some duplication here, to facilitate
separation of discussions

>So, currency needs to be picked up.  I don't see it as as much of a
>priority as measure though but given it's work so far, it would be a
>useful piece of work to have that finished.

It may not be so important for recipes, but it's about to be used in

At its simplest form, money (aka "currency") can be:

        <span class="hmoney">
          <span class="amount">[number]</span> (or "quantity" ?)
          <span class="currency">[ISO 4217 code]</span>

ISO 4217 codes (e.g. USD, GBP) are listed at:


Alternatively, money could be a subset of "hMeasure", with ISO 4217
codes as units:

        <span class="hmeasure">
          <abbr class="currency" title="USD">$</abbr>
          <span class="amount">5</span>

Which leaves the issues:

   *    Archaic currencies

           *    some non-decimal

           *    many have no ISO 4217 codes

   *    sub-divisions (cents, pennies, etc.)

I think we should, perhaps, set aside archaic currencies for now.

It may even be necessary, for the first draft, to also set aside the use
of subdivisions. We will, when we do use them, have to address the issue
that people publish, say:

        10 cents

without specifying a currency.

Also, I've previously explained why historic amounts should be dated.
This could be achieved by:

        <span class="hmoney">
          ...which cost
          <abbr class="currency" title="USD">$</abbr>
          <span class="amount">5</span>
          in <abbr class="date" title="1923-10">October 1923</abbr>.

though a more specific class-name ("money-date", say) might be

>Just putting out a few thoughts.


Andy Mabbett

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