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>At its simplest form, measure can be:
>        <span class="hmeasure">
>          <span class="quantity">[number]</span>
>          <span class="unit">[SI unit]</span>
>        </span>

Taylor Cowan's eelgant sugegstion in the Currency discussion:


talkes the form:

        <abbr class="currency" title="USD100">one hundred bucks</abbr>

abbr-accessibility issues notwithstanding, I think we can apply that to
measurements, also:

        <span class="hmeasure">

        <abbr class="hmeasure" title="3kg">
          three kilos

        <abbr class="hmeasure" title="0.458kg">

        <abbr class="hmeasure" title="25kg-m-3">
        25 kg/m<sup>3</sup>

        <abbr class="hmeasure" title="8N-s">
        8 N.s

We would, though, have to be careful about precision. Does "two and half
kilos" in prose really mean 2.5Kg? Or does it mean "an amount roughly
mid-way between two and three kilograms"?

To assist publishers and reduce conversion errors, we could also allow:

        <span class="hmeasure">

since, while grams may not be SI base units, they do have official
status, unambiguous meaning and a defined symbol.

This would also allow for imperial and other non-metric systems, to be
marked up. For example:

        <abbr class="hmeasure" title="635mm">
          2' 1"

(2' 1" is "two feet one inch").

How else might we express measurements which use slashes and

Andy Mabbett

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