[uf-new] Recipe development status

Thomas Yde thomasyde at yahoo.dk
Sat Apr 19 11:23:58 PDT 2008

I'm sorry, something went wrong in the formatting.

I hope this is better:

<div class="recipe">

	<h2 class="title">Title</h2>

	<div class="summary">This is a summary.</div>	

	<div class="author vcard">

		<span class="fn">anonymous</span>,

		<abbr class="dtpublished" title="20080419">April 19th, 2008</abbr>


	<img src="url" class="photo" />	<p><span class="ingredient"><span  
class="quantity">100 g</span> <span class="name">name</span></span> and

	<span class="ingredient"><span class="quantity">1 dl</span> <span  
class="name">name</span> <span class="optional">(optional)</span></ 

	<div class="method">

		<p>Step 1.</p>

		<p>Step 2.</p>



Any comments or suggestions?

Ingredients and method could also be presented as lists:


	<li class="ingredient"><span class="quantity">100 g</span> <span  

	<li class="ingredient"><span class="quantity">1 dl</span> <span  
class="name">name</span> <span class="optional">(optional)</span></li>


<ol class="method">

	<li>Step 1.</li>

	<li>Step 2.</li>


In this case, would it be okay to mark the <ul> with a  
class="ingredients" and leave out class="ingredient" in the <li>'s?


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