[uf-new] Recipe status

Thomas Yde thomasyde at yahoo.dk
Sun Apr 20 04:39:02 PDT 2008

I tried to post this yesterday, but it didn't work so now I'll try  

Development of the recipe format seems to be paused due to the  
(possible?) dependency on a measure format. But I see no reason why  
development of the format can't continue while measure is completed.

I duggest that we sum up what we can agree on so far:

1) The recipe microformat is designed for the mark-up of instructions  
for creating meals, drinks or food-based items. Other uses are  
outside the 80/20.

2) recipe should include the following properties:

* Title - Required
* Summary - Optional
* Author (hCard) - Optional
* Date published - Optional
* Photo(s) - Optional
* Ingredient(s)
	- Quantity - Optional
	- Name - Required
	- Optionality - Optional
	- Preparation Notes - Optional
* Method - Repuired

Also, there has been consensus in previous mailing-list posts that  
the following properties should be included:

* License (rel-license) - Optional
* Tags (rel-tags) - Optional

Can we include these in the property list on the recipe-brainstorm page?

Once we have a (kind of) final list of properties we can start to  
discuss what the actual markup would look like (is this what you call  
a 'strawman'?). My suggestions:

TITLE: class="title"

SUMMARY: class="summary"

AUTHOR+DATE PUBLISHED: class="fn" and class="dtpublished" inside a  
class="author vcard" as seen in hReview

PHOTO: an image with class="photo"

INGREDIENT(S): Sugsestion: If class="ingredients" (note: plural) is  
found on an element, class="ingredient" (nota: singular) is  
automatically implied on all its children. (As suggested on the  
recipe-brainstorm page).
Otherwise: class="ingredient" containing the following:

	QUANTITY: class="quantity". Question: Should this be split up to  
class="value" and class="unit" to be compatible with measure?

	NAME: class="name". Question: Should we rename this to class="item"  
to reuse the classnames of other formats and to be compatible with  

	OPTIONALITY: class="optional". I imagine something like this: <span  
class="optional">Your text</span>. Its absence should imply that the  
ingredient is required.

	PREPARATION NOTE: class="preparation-note"? I don't really think  
this is necessary. Couldn't it just be ordinary text inside the  

METHOD: class="method". OK to make this a list but the list items  
should not be marked as method-steps. That's just POSH.

LICENSE: a link with rel="license".

TAGS: links with rel="tag".

Feel free to make any comments or suggestions.


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