[uf-new] grddl questions

Manu Sporny msporny at digitalbazaar.com
Wed Apr 23 08:06:09 PDT 2008

Michael Smethurst wrote:
> - if some pages on a site contain grddlable ufs and some don't but they all
> share a common layout / document head, does it break things if you always
> include grddl profile and transform link? 

Technically, it shouldn't break anything, but that doesn't mean you
should be haphazard with the way you use GRDDL profiles on your pages.

In other words - it's frowned upon, but that's not going to stop people
from being sloppy.

> From the documentation adding the
> profile "denote[s] that [the] document contains GRDDL metadata" which
> wouldn't always be true in this case. I assume that's the wrong thing to do
> here...

You should only put a GRDDL profile on a page that actually contains
GRDDL metadata.

> - if you're planning to provide all the data in the page (and more) as rdf
> xml is there any point in making the html grddlable?

That depends on which use-case you have in mind. The better question to
ask is "Do you expect there to be GRDDL transform engines visiting the
page that don't understand RDF XML or RDFa?". If the answer to that
question is "Yes", then you will want to make the HTML GRDDL-able.

-- manu

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