[uf-new] Airport Codes

Lee Jordan lee.jordan at gmail.com
Wed Apr 23 08:19:17 PDT 2008

Hi Guys,

Just had a thought while working on a travel website about a
microformat to mark out airport codes and thought the abbr design
pattern fits well with this. Travel sites will sometimes list the
airport code somewhere along a booking process, often without
expanding the abbreviation with the right HTML. Can I throw out a new
macro microformat which could be included inside the geo mF? Travel
websites like Trippit.com could mark up an airport with its three
letter code and the airports geographic location too with the geo mF.

< abbr title="Birmingham International Airport" class="airport-code"
>BHX< /abbr>

I can imagine in the future a super travel search engine, which will
know where your local airport is and thread through holiday deals with
flights going from your locality.

I'm thinking of marking up ABTA and ATOL logos with some kind of mF,
perhaps in the alt text of a logo, accessibility wise you'd need to
put the ABTA number from the logo into the alt text something because
of the text being in the image like < img src="logos/abta.png"
class="accreditation abta" alt="v4563" /> Anyone any pointers as to
travel related microformats? an "accreditation" class would be useful
for other things like accreditation corgi for Gas companies.


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